Fast and Easy Access to Buy to Let Mortgages

Single or multiple properties, commercial or residential. Company purchase or individual investment

On application, we will provide you with a guide to the maximum amount you can borrow with an investment mortgage, whether for a Buy to Let, an HMO, or a Commercial Investment.

We will explain to you how the loan amount has been calculated and what it will cost to service the loan.

You will be offered either a variable rate mortgage or a fixed rate.

There is a choice of either repayment or interest only. Most investors select the interest-only option that is available for up to 30 years.

You may be required to give a guarantee, but the guarantee will be explained and will be capped to a percentage of the loan.

We will require your tenants to enter into an AST (Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement) for residential investments (generally renewable after 6 months).

For commercial properties, tenants will be required to be of good standing and to enter into a lease.

The value and location of the property, along with the projected rental or lease income, are key factors in determining the loan amount.



We process from application to drawdown – with a simple and speedy application process for you! We provide same day indicative terms.

We offer an individual facility up to £5m for Buy to Let portfolios.

For commercial investments, we offer a single asset, single-tenant facility up to £5m

Call us now on 01205 351462 for an informal, no-commitment discussion.

NOW AVAILABLE – UP TO 30 Years Interest Only

What will I pay for my Investment Mortgage?



The maximum loan amount will be calculated as a percentage of the value or purchase price (whichever is the lower) using the projected rental or lease income.

Interest rates will differ for residential and commercial properties.

We process your requirement from application to drawdown – no added workload for you!

When you decide on a term loan, you are free to decide on the term of the loan you require for the mortgage.

Lump-sum capital payments are allowed, subject to terms with loans.

NOW AVAILABLE – UP TO 30 Years Interest Only

Example of typical terms for investment products – lenders may vary, terms quoted are correct at time of publication and subject to contract.

  • Single Buy to Let up to 85% LTV* From 3.59% above lenders base rate
  • Portfolios and small HMO’s up to 75% LTV from 4.34% above lenders base rate
  • HMO with 7 or more occupants up to 75% LTV from 4.34% above lenders base rate
  • Up to 30 year Interest Only period on all loans
  • The product allows up to 4 properties on one application
  • Individual Buy to Let or portfolio application is limited to £5,000,000
  • Commercial investment mortgages are generally capped at a maximum of £5m for a single tenant occupying a single asset.

Call us now on 01205 351462 for an informal, no-commitment discussion.

No advance fees payable.

*LTV Loan to Value

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