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7 July 2017 by Terry Hudson


Every year in June, the trade association for commercial lenders and brokers opens its doors to a Finance Expo, for both our Patron lenders and the Association’s members where exhibitors present the latest lending facilities on offer to business and property developers throughout the UK via a network of professionals.

This year even more opportunities were presented in a series of presentations and a host of stands covering all aspects of potential borrowing however large or small the requirement.

In addition to Residential Investment Mortgages, Commercial Mortgages, Portfolio Refinance  and Asset Finance, for smaller businesses there are a number of lenders offering fully accessible balance sheet unsecured loans – based on turnover for amounts from as little as £25,00 to £500,000.

For builders and developers, with a massive and growing demand for new build houses in the UK and with around half of new homes being built by just 7% of house builders, there are now substantial opportunities for the medium sized and smaller developer and builders to take advantage of the many development funding products on offer through our team of specialist professionals.

If you are an experienced developer, builder or project manager, whatever the level of funds that you require, provided that you have a sustainable profitable project with planning, then you can access finance from our lending partners through this website or by giving us a call.  We offer you a completely free assessment on the finance that is available to you and what it will cost. Importantly, this even applies in circumstances where you have access to a viable proposition but have no capital to put into the project or even to simply purchase the land/site.

Through our Joint Venture Partnership, we can purchase the land, meet all professional fees and construction costs right through to completion and sale.  In fact we can offer 100% of all the funding required, even the project management fees.

For a successful application in the shortest possible time, meeting the Lender’s criteria is the key and this is where the development lending team at CMC Funding can help.

Our aim is to bring to you the facts about the availability of funding for all types of business lending and how you can take advantage of the continuing growth in the business lending sector. Very often, media reports are selective and there has been a suggestion that companies of all sizes often experience difficulty getting the finance that they require.

The impression is that it has become more difficult to obtain finance, whereas growth in the sector suggests that, in reality, it is more likely about the nature of the application or the applicant.  The manner in which a requirement is presented is key and understanding what a Lender will require to protect what is, in effect, their investment in your business is essential. This is why a professional intermediary is best placed to match your requirements with the most suitable Lender in the market.

The National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers produces an annual survey as an indicator of market growth through the professional intermediary/broker market. Present trends show a growth of more than 20% based on the last reported results. Using a professional intermediary to source the funding that you require offers many benefits which crucially include a much wider variety of lenders – many of them offering specialist lending that match potential client’s expectations.

Through this webpage, in future articles we will continue to examine more closely the facilities on offer and report on their performance to give you an idea of the options available to you.

We invite you to contact us for more information on any of the funding options on offer.

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