It’s all good news in commercial lending to businesses!

22 February 2017 by Terry Hudson


Our aim is to bring to you the facts about the availability of funding for all types of business lending and how you can take advantage of the continuing growth in the business lending sector. Very often, media reports are selective and there has been an impression that companies of all sizes often experience difficulty getting the finance that they require.

The impression is that it has become more difficult to obtain finance, whereas growth in the sector suggests that, in reality, it is more likely about the nature of the application or the applicant. The manner in which a requirement is presented is key and understanding what a lender will require to protect what is, in effect, their investment in your business is essential. This is why a professional intermediary is best placed to match your requirements with the most suitable lender in the market.

The National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers produces an annual survey as an indicator of market growth through the professional intermediary/broker market. Present trends show a growth of more than 20%, based on the last reported results. Using a professional intermediary to source the funding that you require offers many benefits which crucially include a much wider variety of lenders -many of them offering specialist lending that match potential client’s expectations.

Through this webpage, in future articles we will examine more closely the facilities on offer and report on their performance to give you an idea of the options available to you.

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